What you need to know about the Fundraising Regulator

A guide for smaller charities

5 February 2018

Does your charity spend less than £100,000 each year on fundraising? Please read the following points as they apply to your organisation:

What you need to know

  1. The Fundraising Regulator regulates all fundraising by or on behalf of charitable organisations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  2. Charitable organisations of any size are covered by its remit regardless of income.
  3. Organisations can register with the Fundraising Regulator - this is optional and costs £50.
  4. Compliance with the Fundraising Regulator's fundraising codes and Fundraising Preference Service is mandatory - even for small charities.
  5. Fundraising activities run by volunteers, paid staff and consultants are all covered.

What action do trustees need to take?

Does your charity spend less than £100,000 each year on fundraising? Here's where to start:

  1. Make sure that the charity has a complaints procedure.
  2. Understand what the Fundraising Regulator does.
  3. Read the Code of Fundraising Practice and make a note of any actions that trustees need to take in order to meet the standards of the code. It is helpfully divided into sections relating to types of fundraising. For example; working with volunteers, trusts, raffles and lotteries and handling donations.
  4. Be aware that the Fundraising Regulator may get in touch with a "Fundraising Preference Service" request from a member of the public who wants to make sure that they don't receive any direct marketing from your charity. Work out how you would record and implement this request.

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