Call for Essential Life Skills Providers for Bradford Schools

24 January 2018

Can you provide essential life skills support to schools? – Register your offer NOW

As part of Bradford being a Department for Education opportunity area, support and funding is going to be made available to schools to invest in essential life skills. Schools will then be able to purchase from providers (including voluntary sector organisations). This is therefore a potential funding opportunity.

To support this process, Bradford Council and Bradford Pathways team are putting together an on-line facility to enable schools and colleges to identify appropriate providers that can support them with developing essential skills for life and work amongst their students. If you want to be listed on this you need to be registered.

Registering does not guarantee you funding or even that schools will approach you, but it does give you a presence on the listing/prospectus that will be shared with schools.  Schools also do not need to use providers on the listing, they can use existing contacts. However it is anticipated that some schools will use this to find providers to purchase from.


You will find the relevant guidance and register of interest forms, together with further information at the links below: 

Guidance and register of interest form V2

Background information on Pathways Essentials  - these will be the basis of the focus of the work

Deadline for submission

The team putting the listing together requests that information is provided no later than 12 noon 1st February 2018.  They will have an additional deadline of 9th February and will accept later submissions, as the prospectus will be updated regularly. However, it is expected that schools and colleges will make use of the information as soon as it is available, so organisations submitting after 1st February, may miss out on opportunities.


Queries/Return your expression of interest form to:

Nada Tokos


Tel: 07703 525288

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