FSI Northern Fundraising Conference, Leeds 12 October 2017

12 October 2017

The FSI Northern Fundraising Conference: Sharing the Best 2017

Generously subsidised fundraising conference, with speakers, funders panel and more, the conference aims to increase the skills, knowledge and confidence of small charity attendees (those with a turnover up to £1.5million) in a range of core fundraising topics.

Attendees will be able to access a range of fundraising experts, sharing the best in fundraising practice.

FSI Members with an annual turnover of less than £150,000 per annum (and no more than 2 full-time equivalent paid staff) can send volunteers to its training courses and conference programmes. Members with an annual turnover of less than £250,000 per annum but are 100 per cent volunteer-led can also send a volunteer. If you have any queries, please contact the membership team on 0207 324 4777.

Workshop details and booking

Places available on a first come first served basis. Two spaces are available per small charity– further spaces required after this will be placed on a waiting list.

For more details and booking information, see FSI website

Event details

Venue: St George’s Centre, Great George St, Leeds LS1 3BR
Cost: £15. You will need to pay £50 as a deposit when you book. FSI will refund the deposit, retaining a £15 fee.
Time: 9.30am to 4.30pm (registration from 9am)